I came across a gem this morning…

Earlier this week, our belongings that have been in storage while we were in Japan, were delivered.

There is now a mountain of boxes – filled with items we’ve lived without for 3 years – that need to be sorted.

Do we really need any of it? Obviously not!

The plan is to only keep what is useful now (not what may be useful one day if….) and the items that spark joy.

So this morning as I sat on the kitchen floor going through a small container of cards and letters I found, I assumed I would get rid of them all.

But after reading through each piece, my heart is overflowing with joy, love and gratitude for the funny, thoughtful, and caring people who have weaved in and out of my life.

The notes weren’t all keepers but I did save a few that I believe will again bring laughter, fond memories, and loving reminders of all the wonderful things about myself that others see – when I read them next time.

One of the greatest gems in the bunch is a note from my father. It is filled with such wisdom and great advice that I feel inspired to share it with you too!

My father wrote to me:

Shanda Baby,


I Love You.


Always remember – don’t be anxious – be cool – because you always get what you think and feel.


Think and feel beauty, love, happiness, prosperity, health – and if you’re not thinking that way – you are too tired – get rest.


Let things come to you; you do not have to chase them.




There are 3 main points I want to make about what he wrote:

#1 How we feel is a reflection of what we are thinking. We can’t think about nice things and feel crappy at the same time. It just doesn’t work that way.

Our thoughts and our feelings create our reality. The more we focus our attention, thoughts, and feelings on the positive, the more beautiful things we will see around us and the more positive experiences we will have in life.

So the next time you are feeling bad, notice your thoughts. An easy and quick way to shift into a more positive mindset is thinking about people, places, things, and experiences that you are grateful for.


#2 If you are stuck on negative thoughts and emotions and aren’t able to easily shift to positive ones, then yes, this is a clear sign that you are too tired.

Try taking a nap or meditating. My guided relaxation meditation is great for this!


#3 Allowing is much more effective (and enjoyable) than trying to make things happen.

Pushing and rushing only creates resistance to us being, having, and doing what we desire. The harder we try to make things happen the more intense the feelings of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm become. It’s like trying to paddle up stream when what we desire is actually down river. It makes no sense. And the bad feelings are the sign to stop making things waaaay more complicated than they need to be. It’s simply time to turn the boat around.

So eat delicious food, take rest, meditate, move your body, and make fun a priority. Know what you truly desire. Take inspired action. And let go of the rest.

Do these things and I promise you will find yourself living in the flow of life. One wonderful thing after the next will be lining up for you. Allow them in.


And to end with the words my brother wrote on a note to me many years ago…

“Be Happy – Life is Great”



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