Two thousand sixteen is already off to a great start and it’s only going to get better. Here are 5 powerful tips to help you soak in all the greatness that is to come this year.


Tip #1 – Choose a Positive Mindset

I am soooo excited for this year to unfold. Something deep inside me just knows without a doubt this will be an amazing year infused with amazing energy. (And everyone I talk to about it seems to have this same knowing, which is super cool.) Trust with unwavering faith that 2016 is going to be epic!


Tip #2 – Connect Every Day

This is a great year to make things happen from a do-less-accomplish-more-perspective. So, not by “working hard” to change situations in your outer life, but by turning inward and connecting with your intuition and your spirit. Dedicate time every day to go within. Spontaneously, things in your life will begin to effortlessly fall into place so that you are able to experience more flow, ease, and joy.

Meditation, deep breathing, and spending time in nature are all great ways to connect. Experiment to find what you love.

Try using my Guided Relaxation Mediation. If you don’t already have it, you can find it under the meditation section.


Tip #3 – Take Inspired Action

As you connect more and more with your inner knowing, you will notice your intuition speaking to you. Messages can come any time and in many forms – like a gentle nudge or simply an inner knowing. The more you pay attention to your intuitive messages and take action on them, the easier and more enjoyable life becomes.

If you have been in the habit of procrastinating, taking action on the guidance from you intuition is a great way to shift that behavior.


Tip #4 – Open Up to Receiving

Everything we think, do, and say, plants seeds which grow and blossom in the future. This is why everything we do, no matter how small it seems, has the potential to make a significant difference in the long run.

2016 is going to be a year of harvest. All the self-care and personal development you have worked on over the past years, is going to pay off. Open yourself up to allowing wonderful experiences, people, and situations to flow your way.

The only thing that can hold back the kindness, gifts, and miracles from showing up for you is not being ready to see and accept them.

The next time someone pays you a complement or offers to help you with something, say thank you and accept with gratitude and grace. Each time you say yes and accept, it opens your door of allowing a little bit more – making room for bigger and greater things to come in.


Tip #5 – Stay Focused on What Really Matters to You

You don’t need to create a “new you” this year (because you are perfect just the way you are), but it is the time to express and share the beauty and magnificence of your gifts, your spirit, and who you are at your core, with the world. I encourage you to take another look at your New Year’s resolutions, intentions for the new year, and/or goals you set for yourself and make sure they are aligned with your core desires (the things you really want to feel on the deepest level) and not just something you think you should do because you see someone else doing it or because you think someone else wants you to be a certain way.

Give yourself permission to have a new perspective with your goal setting throughout this year and only put your attention on those things that bring peace to your soul, fill your heart, and express your genuine and unique self.

If you would like help finding clarity and making a plan, let me know. I can definitely help you with this!


I look forward to sharing the journey through 2016 with you and wish for you a year of vibrant health, overflowing joy, and deep connection with yourself.


As you move through the year, remember to do these 5 things and enjoy the magic that happens!

  • Get used to the idea that 2016 is going to be fabulous because it is!
  • Choose 10 minutes daily for you to experience quiet, stillness, and connection with your inner self.
  • Let your intuition be your guide and take inspired action.
  • Allow gifts, kindness, and miracles to shower you. Accept them with open arms and an open heart, and of course gratitude.
  • Put your time, attention, and motivation only towards that which truly lights you up and is aligned with You!



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