Happy 2017!!!

I love the excitement and freshness that comes with the new year, don’t you?!

2017 is universal 1 year – the first year in a nine year cycle.
2017 = 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1+0=1

Last year, a universal 9 year, was a big year for decluttering, completing things, and really letting go of all that is no longer serving our highest good.

A little bit of this energy has followed us into 2017 with Mercury in retrograde through the 9th so there are still a few days to reflect, clean up, clear out, forgive, and make room to move forward.

This year is all about envisioning our truest desires and planting seeds for the next 9 years of growth and beyond.

There has never been a better time to tap into our heart’s deepest desires, pursue our dreams, and align with our soul’s purpose.

The purpose of life after all, is simply the expansion of happiness!

In order to fulfill this purpose, we must listen to our intuition and follow our heart. ❤︎

As you step into this new year, please remember:

You are one of a kind. No one ever has nor ever will be just like you. Be yourself – authentically and unapologetically. And share your special, beautiful gifts with the world.

Prioritize your happiness and your wellbeing. Every. Single. Day.

The most powerful way for you to positively influence your family, friends, and the entire planet, is to be full yourself.

Prioritize your dreams! Make them your compass and choose thoughts, actions, and opportunities that support them vs distract from them.

Always put heart in all you do and allow life to support you.

Resistance is a sign. If you’re struggling with something, it probably means there is an even better something out there waiting for you.

Life is made up of many millions of little moments, so savor the journey.

With wishes for a magical and love filled week ahead,

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