I’ve felt like quite the party girl lately…probably because I’ve been busy celebrating my first wedding anniversary and honeymoon with my handsome Husband!!! I am so honored to share this life with such an amazing person and taking time to celebrate us was the perfect gift to give each other!


This is such a lovely reminder, isn’t it? We live in a society where we are taught it is important to work really really hard so we can have lots and lots of things. Society says having lots and lots of things makes us great. But I think what we have been taught by society may be all backwards, just as the quote says.

All the stuff we work so very hard to acquire doesn’t come close to bringing the same quality of fulfillment that comes from giving.

Too often we find ourselves burnt out from stressing and working so hard. We are left energy-less and unable to enjoy all that we already have, unable to share fully with others, and unable to give to ourselves.

So what’s the fix?

One thing we can do is dedicate more time to you and taking care of yourself.

Even just 5 min of self-care a day can make a noticeable difference how we feel.

The more we take care of ourselves, the more we shine. And when we shine, everyone else benefits. We become a positive roll model for our friends, family, and peers.

By setting a good example and taking care of ourselves, we are giving a beautiful gift to others because what we do influences those around us.

We will feel better, have more patience, more energy, and more happiness. Our relationships will improve. Our productivity will improve. We will inspire loved ones to take better care of themselves without even saying a word. They too will begin to feel better, have more patience, more energy, and the happiness in their lives will expand. This ripple effect will continue. Our greatness will grow and the greatness around us will also grow.

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