Hello, hello!

I hope you are enjoying your day. I sure am but it isn’t just because I’m on vacation.

Have you ever been on vacation and thought everything should be perfect just because you are on vacation? I’ve noticed that this sure is how I have been thinking but I’ve decided I need to change that.

This trip has been wonderful for so many reasons but the truth is there have been several times I have felt ‘challenged’ – moments that seemed like a overwhelmingly big deal but consciously I knew they weren’t. It was really bothering me. I’m on vacation…everything is supposed to be perfect and stress free. But I realized that isn’t realistic. Yes vacation can relieve us of some of our regular responsibilities and opens up opportunities to see and do new things, but it also takes us out of our normal comfort zones and routines.

The one thing that helps me enjoy life the most is my self-care – things like meditation, yoga, exercise, good rest, plenty of water and yummy veggies. These things are the real deal ‘magic little pills’ to fix everything. When I put myself first and make self-care a priority, I have more energy, more patience, more resilience, and life flows more smoothly and enjoyably.

Of course I know the importance of self-care – I teach it to others – but the magic of it never ceases to awe me. So after a really good night’s sleep, meditation and some yoga, I feel like a vacation person is ‘supposed’ to feel. And it is glorious!

I hope I’ve inspired you to do something nice for yourself and I send you wishes for a vacation feel kinda day!

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