I heard Tony Robbins say this the other day and it totally resonated with me.

Six and a half weeks ago, my husband’s orders came through for our move back to the US. Two days later the movers arrived at our home to pack up and ship off our belongings. Four days after that we were on a plane to Virginia.

To say life has been busy and overflowing with to do lists is an understatement.

One thing I have been failing to do consistently is put my selfcare practices at the top of the to do lists. I have allowed the details of setting up a new life take precedent because they felt more urgent than say sitting to meditate, or going for a run, or journaling, or cooking a super yummy meal, or…

And because I haven’t put my body, mind, and spirit first, I have felt less vital, less grounded, and the little things that haven’t gone smoothly felt really big.

So today I made a decision to start the day differently.

I swept the deck and pulled out the yoga mat for the first time and enjoyed sun salutations in the heat of the rising morning sun.

I practiced Reiki, oil pulled, and now I’m sipping on a cup of warm lemon water as I write to you in hopes that this inspires you to lovingly work harder on yourself than anything else you do today.

Love yourself.

Be patient with yourself.

Surround yourself with beautiful things.

Sing a song.



Be still.

Thank your body.

Feed your body.

Feed your soul.

Remember…You are the most important thing you will do today so make it count.

With love and hugs,

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