How’s your new year going?

For me it has been all about making time for practices that raise my vibration (like Reiki, meditation, yoga, and using essential oils). Through these practices, not only am I connecting with my inner peace but I’m also able to bring more of it into the rest of my day.

And boy does it feel good!

So this week I thought I’d invite you to choose peace along with me.

If we desire peace on Earth, we must remember that peace begins within. It isn’t about judging the actions of others or trying to control them or change them. It is about aligning our own thoughts, emotions, and actions with the centered, grounded, all powerful loving peace within.

There are infinite ways we can create peace in our lives…

Through our meditation practices – or simply taking an intentional minute to breathe.

Through our yoga practices – or simply moving the body in a loving way that feels good.

Through our mindfulness practices – or simply dropping in fully to the moment we are living in now.

We can be loving with ourselves.

We can be kind to ourselves.

We can speak to ourselves with love and kindness.

We can honor where we are today – and be ok with it.

We can be gentle with ourselves and know that not only are we doing our best,but that we really are doing great.

We can be gentle with others and know that not only are they doing their best, but choose to see that they are doing great, too.

We can embrace the experiences, practices, people, places, and things that bring us peace and choose to give them more attention and mental space than those that don’t.

We can begin our day by tapping into our inner peace – the source of our inner smile – and know that it is right there with us all day long.

And we can take advantage of the oh so many opportunities to share our peace with the world.

Shine bright my friend! The world needs you.

With wishes for love and peace,

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